Rainbow Kitty Cat

$29.99 $69.99 -58% OFF


16x20 Inch (40x50cm) No Frame 16x20 Inch (40x50cm) Fully Framed

Rainbow Kitty Cat

$29.99 $69.99 -58% OFF


16x20 Inch (40x50cm) No Frame 16x20 Inch (40x50cm) Fully Framed
Product description


Cats are amazing animals with some really cool abilities! Here are five fun facts about cats:

  1. Cats don't actually meow to communicate with each other - they only meow when talking to humans!

  2. Cats have an incredible sense of balance, which allows them to jump from heights of up to three times their own height.

  3. Cats can run faster than any other species of house pet - reaching speeds of up to 30 miles per hour in short bursts.

  4. Cats are incredibly agile animals and can twist their bodies mid-air and land on their feet from a fall from any height!

  5. A cat's whiskers contain special receptors that help it detect changes in air pressure, allowing them to sense things like approaching predators or prey even if they can't see it!


What is included in your paint by numbers kit?

- 1x Set of numbered acrylic-based paint
- 1x High quality, pre-printed canvas
- 3x Paint Brushes (1-small, 1-medium, 1-large)

A coded guide and a high-quality printout for additional instruction and guidance.
Canvas is 40x50cm

Painting By Numbers

What skill level are these items? 
All that is required for Most kits is the ability to color inside the lines


Paint By Numbers How To Guide

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