Magical Mandala

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12x16 Inch (30x40cm) No Frame 12x16 Inch (30x40cm) Fully Framed 16x20 Inch (40x50cm) No Frame 16x20 Inch (40x50cm) Fully Framed

Magical Mandala

$19.99 $69.99 -72% OFF


12x16 Inch (30x40cm) No Frame 12x16 Inch (30x40cm) Fully Framed 16x20 Inch (40x50cm) No Frame 16x20 Inch (40x50cm) Fully Framed
Product description

The Symbolism of Mandala Art

Mandala art is a form of spiritual symbolism that dates back thousands of years. In Hindu and Buddhist cultures, mandalas are used as a way to focus the mind during meditation and to represent various aspects of the universe. Here are some of the common themes that appear in mandala art:

  • Balance: Mandalas often feature circles, which represent harmony and balance. They remind us to find our own inner peace by looking at things from different perspectives and appreciating the beauty of life’s complexities.

  • Transformation: Many mandalas include symbols like lotuses or birds, which can symbolize transformation or rebirth. These objects encourage us to look inward and embrace personal growth as we make our way through life’s journey.

  • Connection: Mandalas are usually made in concentric patterns, which signify the interconnectedness of everything around us – from the natural world to humanity itself. This kind of artwork can serve as a reminder that we all have a part to play in making the world a better place.

From intricate drawings to colorful paintings, mandala art can be both aesthetically pleasing and spiritually meaningful at the same time. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just something beautiful to hang on your wall, this kind of artwork is sure to fit the bill.


What is included in your Magical Mandala paint by numbers kit?

- 1x Set of numbered acrylic-based paint
- 1x High quality, pre-printed canvas
- 3x Paint Brushes (1-small, 1-medium, 1-large)

A coded guide and a high-quality printout for additional instruction and guidance.

Painting By Numbers

W is one of the most famous works of art in the world. It was painted in 1902 and depicts a woman lying on her back wearing nothing but a blue cloth over her body. The painting has had an immense influence on the art world since it was created, with its bold colors, abstract shapes, and strong sense of movement capturing viewers' attention andhat skill level are these items? 
All that is required for Most kits is the ability to color inside the lines


Paint By Numbers How To Guide

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