Desktop Easel

$24.99 $59.99 -59% OFF

Desktop Easel

$24.99 $59.99 -59% OFF
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Artist Desktop Wooden Easel for Paint by Numbers

  • The perfect companion for our canvas sizes (40x50cm)
  • Made from high quality pine wood
  • Size: 23 x 38.4 cm light weight
  • The perfect wooden easel for 40x50cm canvases with frames
  • Enables a gentle posture during the painting process
  • For precise and accurate brush strokes

What Benefits Does An Easel Provide While Painting?


An easel can provide a number of benefits while painting, including: 

- Easier access to the canvas while painting as it is raised higher. 

- Providing a more comfortable and ergonomic posture while painting. 

- Ensuring the canvas remains stable while painting with smooth brush strokes. 

- Giving you control over the angle of your painting, allowing for more accurate brush strokes. 

- Keeping your workspace organised and clutter-free. 

This wooden easel is perfect for precise, accurate brush strokes on your Paint by Numbers canvas! With its lightweight size and high quality pine wood structure, you can now enjoy a comfortable painting experience while creating beautiful artwork with your Paint by Numbers kits. 

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