Art Deco Bald Eagle

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16x20 Inch (40x50cm) No Frame 16x20 Inch (40x50cm) Fully Framed

Art Deco Bald Eagle

$29.99 $69.99 -58% OFF


16x20 Inch (40x50cm) No Frame 16x20 Inch (40x50cm) Fully Framed
Product description

The bald eagle, a symbol of patriotism and strength in the USA, has a long history that goes back centuries. It is native to North America and can be found living in a variety of habitats such as rivers, wetlands, lakes, woodlands, and coasts. It is among the largest birds of prey and its distinctive white head and tail feathers serve as its defining characteristics. The bald eagle has been chosen as the national bird in 1782 due to its majestic beauty as well as its long lifespan paired with courage and intelligence.

The Bald Eagle was used by Native Americans for centuries before it became an official symbol of the United States. To the Native Americans, it represented power, courage, wisdom and immortality. Its image was used on war shields and banners during conflict between European colonists and Native Americans during colonial times. In addition to being chosen as the national bird in 1782, it has also come to represent freedom from tyranny for many in America as well as coming together in times of need for our country’s people.

Today the bald eagle serves both symbolic and practical purposes throughout many parts of North America. It is still regarded with reverence by Native American tribes who consider it an important part of their culture and traditions. The Bald Eagle is also a protected species under Federal law due to hunting practices that threaten its population numbers.

In conclusion, the bald eagle harkens back centuries ago when it served as a symbol of power, courage, wisdom and immortality among Native American tribes while today it remains an important part of our country's identity - standing strong against tyranny while bringing all citizens together in times of need - helping keep alive what this nation stands for: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

What is included in your paint by numbers kit?

- 1x Set of numbered acrylic-based paint
- 1x High quality, pre-printed canvas
- 3x Paint Brushes (1-small, 1-medium, 1-large)

A coded guide and a high-quality printout for additional instruction and guidance.
Canvas is 40x50cm

Painting By Numbers

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All that is required for Most kits is the ability to color inside the lines


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