Angels in God's Hands

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40x50cm no frame 40x50 DIY frame

Angels in God's Hands

$22.99 $13.98 64% OFF


40x50cm no frame 40x50 DIY frame
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Angels are often seen as powerful spiritual messengers of strength and protection, but they’re also deeply symbolic of God’s grace and mercy. In Christianity, angels are thought to be guardians who carry out the will of God, bringing messages of hope and guidance to humans in need.

The image of an angel in God's hands signifies the Lord's power and control over us, no matter our circumstances or struggles. Even when we feel weak or helpless against all odds, we can rest assured that God is always there - guiding us through the difficulties with divine care and protection.

The hands-on presence of an angel represent uncomparably comforting assurance that even though life may be tough, we are never alone. As Creator and ruler over all things, it is within His mighty hands that our destiny resides - never left to chance or fate. By having faith in His unyielding love for us, He can break down walls by touching hearts with his holy touch.

The symbolism of angels in God's hands remind us that no matter how hard this world might seem sometimes, the Almighty is near to cradle us into safety whenever danger threatens - His grace shall protect us!

What is included in your paint by numbers kit?
- 1x Set of numbered acrylic-based paint
- 1x High quality, pre-printed canvas
- 3x Paint Brushes (1-small, 1-medium, 1-large)

A coded guide and a high-quality printout for additional instruction and guidance.
Canvas is 40x50cm
A frame may be added for an additional charge.

What skill level are these items? 
All that is required for Most kits is the ability to color inside the lines

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