What is Paint by Numbers and Why You Should Try It

What is Paint by Numbers and Why You Should Try It

More and more people are rediscovering their love for painting. This is all thanks to paint by numbers.
But what is paint by numbers? How hard is it to do? Should you join in on the fun?
The good news is that we’re here to answer all these questions and more.
If you’ve ever been curious about paint by numbers is and why you should give it a shot, you’ve come to the right place.
Paint by numbers is not only beneficial for kids, but it’s also a fun activity for adults as well. It can be enjoyed as a group or by yourself. It’s an inexpensive way of immersing yourself in the arts.


Then let’s go right ahead and explore the world of paint by numbers.


What Does Painting by Numbers Mean?

Before getting into the specifics, we should first explain what paint by numbers is for the benefit of those who are hearing of it for the first time.
Paint by numbers is a painting activity that was popularized in the 1950s by Dan Robbins.
The idea behind it is pretty simple. You’re given a canvas that’s been divided into sections. Each section has a number. And each number represents a color. By filling in each section with the assigned color, you will reveal a painting.
Paint By Numbers Kit

Most paint-by-number designs target kids. Because they’re basically filling in colors, kids are not stressed at any point. Completing a simple design will only take several minutes to an hour or so depending on how engaged the child is.
Today, adults are also joining in on the fun. Now you can buy complicated designs that can take days to finish. Paint by numbers is a great way to wind down before going to bed. Or you can take an afternoon during the weekends and enjoy painting with wine in hand.

Wave Sunset Paint By Numbers Kit

The Benefits of Paint by Numbers

We’ve often mentioned how fun paint by numbers can be. However, there’s more to it than that. It can also be a source of emotional and psychological balance.
Those who engage in this activity consistently are poised to reap its many rewards.
For most people, paint by numbers is more than an activity. It is a way of life. It keeps them from breaking down after feeling the burdens of everyday life.
Below we list down some of the perks of paint by numbers. Use this list to see if this hobby deserves your attention.
Anyone can take up a brush and start right away. There are no learning curves for this activity. Once you have the right tools, you’re halfway through already.
That is also the reason why it’s considered as a gateway to more complicated forms of painting. Paint by numbers teaches you the basics of working with canvas.
Because paint by numbers packs are sold as kits, there’s no need to worry about having the right equipment. Everything you need will be provided. All you’ll need is to unpack your kit and you’re up and running by that point.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a child or a parent — paint by numbers is fun for everyone.
Understand Color Toning
Colors aren’t simple.
Red has multiple shades and tones. The same goes for the rest of the colors.
Painting is all about understanding how colors work next to each other. And paint by numbers can help you and your kids understand the relationship they play next to each other.
Having two tones of the same color will make all the difference in a picture.
Butterfly Complete Paint By Numbers Kit

Paint by numbers is a teaching tool. You can use it to explain how the right color tones can give shape to an image. This lesson can be extended to photography and graphic design as your kids grow older.
Develop Motor Control
You’ll need fine control over your brushwork to master painting by numbers. And as a result, it boosts your motor control to an excellent level.
Children are motivated to exercise their hands and fingers as they fill in each section with paint. They’ll need to keep the paint within the border, after all.
It’s the same concept behind practicing calligraphy — except paint by numbers is more accessible and arguably more fun than writing letters over and over.
If your kids are developing, consider adding paint by numbers in their day-to-day activities. It will do them wonders.
Increase Their Concentration
Kids need to stay away from their smartphones and other electronic gadgets more often.
And paint-by-number kits help with that problem. A study found that 25% of kids under six already have smartphones. The ideal age for kids to be on phones, according to some parents, is 11.
You want your kids to have a tech-free childhood for as long as you can.
So its best to introduce them to activities like paint by numbers. It will help your kids develop their concentration. Both parts of their brains would be stimulated when painting. This helps with their creativity and emotions as they grow older.
If you need to learn more about the effects of paint by numbers for kids, read our post: Paint by Numbers: Ultimate Guide for 2023.
Beat Stress
Painting is often used to reduce stress. And paint by numbers is possibly the easiest form of painting there is.
The gratification you feel when you see your finished piece makes it all worth it.
Paint by numbers is a fast activity that you can start at any time. Whenever you feel burnt out, grab a kit and start painting.
The amount of focus it takes to work on a project will help you forget about all your troubles. There’s also no risk in stopping midway through an artwork so you’re under no obligation to
finish a project in one sitting. You should also take a look at our before you buy guide here.
Paint by Numbers Success Stories
You don’t have to take our word for it.
Many people have shared their paint by number stories online. Below are just a few.

Customer Reviews of Paint By Numbers Kits
Marilyn Bruce-Mitford (London)
Marilyn got her first paint by numbers kits back when she was seven in 1954. She has saved that painting because of how much it meant to her.

Paint by numbers painting by Marilyn
Campbell Forbes (Massachusetts)
Campbell grew up in Glasgow where they spent years drawing tanks and planes. It was soon replaced with the more relaxing paint by numbers.
Miranda Wyeth (Kent, UK)
Miranda dealt with anxiety. She was crying all the time and she was unable to deal with her emotions.

Painting by Miranda
She credits paint by numbers in helping her heal. It gave her reprieve from the pain she was in.
“The act of painting each shape with a color and being able to shut my brain off except for painting within the lines made such a difference to my recovery time, and I credit it with getting me to where I am today.”

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