Paint by Numbers Hacks (10 Tips And Tricks) - You Must Know

Paint by Numbers Hacks (10 Tips And Tricks) - You Must Know

If you love handmade art and craft but don't think you have the artistic skills to create them, try our paint by numbers hacks to get creative. Paint by numbers allows anyone of any skill level to achieve amazing results in the comfort of their own home.

In this blog post, we'll give you all our top tips on maximizing your artwork experience - read on to find out our hacks for making perfect strokes with increasing accuracy and efficient use of time while painting with numbers.

Let's get started!

What is Paint by Numbers?

Paint by numbers is a painting technique where paint colors are assigned numbers. You paint within the outlines of pre-printed patterns and gradually build up your artwork. It's like a paint-by-numbers jigsaw puzzle you can complete in your own time with minimal effort!

Each set comes with an acrylic paint or wet paint set. Paint pots are also included in most of the kits. However, acrylic paints and oil paints are the most popular choice among painters as they make the finished painting look great.

Why Use Paint by Numbers?

So why should you use Paint by numbers:

  • For Beginners - The paint by numbers kit is a great way to introduce yourself to art without prior experience.

  • For Experienced Artists - It's also an excellent way for more experienced artists to create realistic and intricate artwork with minimal effort.

Benefits of Paint by Numbers

Here are the benefits of Paint by Numbers kits:

  • High-Quality Paint Colors: Paint by numbers also offers access to high-quality paint colors, which means you can get amazing results quickly and easily.

  • Relaxation: Painting with a paint by numbers kit can also be calming and therapeutic. 

  • Time Efficiency: Paint by numbers also allows you to paint in a fraction of the time compared to traditional painting techniques.

  • Reduce Stress:  Painting is also a great way to relieve stress, and paint by numbers gives you the satisfaction of completing something efficiently and on time.

  • No-Fuss Clean Up: With paint by numbers, you don't have to worry about messy paint brushes and spills as much as traditional paint techniques.

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10 Paint-by-Numbers Hacks

You no longer have to worry about your artwork ending in the garbage! Utilize these hacks, and you can transform your art into something truly stunning, putting you on the path to success.

#1. Use a Paint Palette

It can be difficult to paint small sections of your painting when many paint colors are being used. As an alternative, use a paint palette to mix your paints on before you apply it to the canvas. This will make sure that each color looks consistent throughout the painting.

#2. Prime Your Canvas

Applying a primer to your paint-by-numbers canvas before you start painting is essential. This will help the paint stick better and prevent it from smudging or bleeding when it dries.

#3. Trace First

If you're having trouble with accuracy, take a pencil and trace over each number-number section of paint on the canvas. This will make your paint strokes appear more precise and give you an idea of where to paint.

#4. Use Multiple Paintbrushes

A paint brush loaded with paint will be too thick for the fine details in a painting, so having a few different size brushes is essential. Using smaller paintbrushes allows you to paint accurate lines and paint in the small details.

#5. Take Your Time

Paint by numbers is not a race! Taking your time when painting and allowing each color to dry before adding more paint will help you create a beautiful piece of art that looks professional.

#6. Use Masking Tape

Masking tape can be used to outline areas, such as borders, so you don't paint outside of them. This is especially helpful when painting intricate details.

#7. Use a Paint Drying Rack

Paint can take a long time to dry if left on the canvas, leading to paint smudging or bleeding. To speed up the process, use a paint drying paint rack to hold your canvas and paintbrushes while you paint.

#8. Don't Apply A lot of Colors

Using too many different colors in one area can make your painting look muddy and cluttered. Instead, stick to a few main paint colors to help your paint strokes appear more uniform and cleaner.

#9. Add a Glossy Finish

Once your paint-by-numbers painting is finished, you can add a glossy finish for an extra layer of protection. This also gives your artwork a more professional look.

#10. Start with Dark Paint or a Background

To better understand the painting, you should start by applying the background color – usually dark in hue – as your first layer. Painting one color at a time will also help provide an outline to follow while working on any subsequent layers.

Following these paint-by-numbers tips will help you create beautiful artwork with ease.

Pro Tip: Use Paint By Numbers Blending

Paint by numbers blending is a technique used to paint larger canvas sections. This involves slowly transitioning from one paint color to another to create smooth and gradual transitions, giving your artwork a more realistic look.

To get started with paint by numbers blending, you should begin with a small brush and lightly layer one color over another. As you add more colors to the piece, use larger brushes for larger canvas sections. This will help create subtle transitions between colors and layers that will give your artwork an amazing painted look.

How does Paint by Number Blending enhance your painting?

Here are some benefits:

  • Extra Textures and Hues: Blending paint colors can also help you add extra textures and hues, making your painting look even more professional.

  • Adding Depth: Blending paint hues can also help to add depth to your paint-by-numbers canvas. This can help create an illusion of a 3D space, giving your artwork a more realistic look.

  • Creating Smooth Transitions: Using paint blending can also help to create smoother transitions between different paint colors, especially from light to dark colors, making them look more natural and visually pleasing.


Following these tricks can help you create beautiful and professional-looking artwork without investing in expensive painting supplies. Paint-by-numbers provides an easy way to create beautiful artwork with a few simple supplies. With the help of paint blending, you can add extra textures, hues, and depth to your artwork, giving it a more professional look. So next time you feel like creating your own masterpiece, don’t forget to use these helpful tricks.

Using paint-by-numbers blending can help you create even more detailed and realistic paint-by-numbers artwork. So get creative, pick a paintbrush, and start crafting your masterpiece!

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Happy Painting!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: My paint has become a bit thick. What do I do?

A: If your paint has thickened, add a few drops of water to the paint to thin it out. Additionally, you can try using paint thinner if needed. Remember always to cover your paints. This will help to keep the colors from drying out and becoming too thick.


Q: Are there any special techniques I can use to make my artwork stand out?

A: Yes! Blending colors is a great way to give your artwork a unique look. Experimenting with different brush sizes and shapes can also add depth to your painting. You can also try using different techniques like dry brushing, sponging, and layering to create unique effects. Have fun with it!

Q: Should I use an easel for paint-by-numbers?

A: An easel is unnecessary for paint by numbers, but it can be helpful. If you want to use an easel, ensure it is securely mounted and can accommodate your canvas size. An easel can help to keep your painting stable and make it easier to reach all areas of the canvas. You may also check if any additional accessories are included with your paint-by-numbers kit, such as clips or holders for the canvas. If you are looking to buy click here for an easel or additional paint by numbers tools and accessories

Q: What Should I Paint First?

We suggest starting on the smallest areas of the canvas first. This will ensure that paint doesn't smudge or bleed as you paint.

Moreover, painting the smallest and most detailed areas of your artwork can help build confidence in your paint-by-numbers skills.

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