Before Buying Paint by Numbers Kits, Read This

Before Buying Paint by Numbers Kits, Read This

Paint by numbers is an exciting activity that both adults and kids can participate in. Not only is it wholesome, but it also stimulates the minds and is a great stress reliever.

In this post, we’ll go over some of the things you need to know about paint by numbers. We’ll tell you all the tools you’ll need and other facts that will help you on your journey.

We’ll also share tips that would help you yield better results. There’s even a Q&A section to answer some of the more common questions that newbies tend to ask. By the end of this article, you should be well-equipped to join the growing paint by numbers community.

With all of that said, why don’t we go ahead and see why paint by numbers could be the right activity for you and your family.

What Is a Paint by Numbers Kit?

A paint-by-numbers kit is a set of tools you’ll need to get started with paint by numbers.

Paint By Numbers Kit for Adults
The contents of the kit can vary depending on the vendor. However, most kits would include the following:

Pre-printed canvas — Each kit would include a canvas to work on. The design of each canvas would reflect the design you selected. Kits that are designed for kids have simpler designs. The ones made for adults are much more complex. A canvas is split into areas with each area having an assigned number. A number corresponds to a specific color. Your job is to fill in each area with the right color.

Acrylic paint — Kits also include acrylic paint. That way, you can work on your project as soon as you open your set. The colors you receive are specific to the painting. Each shade of color is there to help you replicate the original painting.

Paintbrushes — The more intricate the details, the more brushes you will need. That’s why most kits would include more than one brush. Each brush has a specific purpose. Broader ones are there to help you cover more surface area. Finer tips will enable to be more precise with your work.

Some vendors would include more materials like more brushes, brush holders, or frames to help you hang your artwork once it’s finished. Some sellers upsell useful items like easels and storage cases.

What Kind of Paint Is Used for Paint by Numbers?

Paint by number kits would normally include acrylic paint.

Examples of acrylic paint
Acrylic paint dries faster than other types of paint. They are also water-soluble, meaning brushes would be easier to clean. When a painting becomes dry, acrylic paint becomes water-resistant.

For these reasons, acrylic paints are seen as beginner-friendly.

However, advanced users can use oil paints, watercolors, or coloring pencils. Though this is usually not recommended if you’re still learning the ropes.
Also, acrylic paints are thick enough to paint over the numbers that are present in the canvas.

Note: While you can buy acrylic paint from other vendors, we suggest you use the ones that come with the kit so your final piece comes as close to the original as possible.

Types of Paint by Numbers Kit

As alluded to earlier, not all paint by numbers kits are the same. Some are meant for kids while others are meant for individuals with a higher skill level. Some are also meant to address people with very specific preferences.
You don’t want to buy a product that’s not meant for you.
If you buy a set for your child, you want something they could easily finish. And if you’re buying one for yourself, you want an artwork that will challenge you and inspire you to move on to grander pieces.
You can check out some of these paint by numbers examples to give you a better idea of what projects you can work on.

Large Paint by Number Kits
A large paint by number canvas can be anywhere from 40 x 50 cm up to 60 x 120 cm.
These are designed for people who prefer working on a canvas with a larger surface area. They are also ideal for those who would like to display their finished artworks in a big room.

A kit with a simple design that’s printed on a large canvas is friendlier for folks who have trouble seeing or suffer from hand dexterity issues.

People who like intricate details and large canvasses will find more enjoyment from large paint by number sets.

Paint by Number Kits for Kids

Paint by numbers kits for kids have themes that are suited for a younger generation.
Because children are less patient and are prone to distractions, the designs used are typically colorful and easy to finish.
Kids can usually finish one project in a matter of hours. Even less than that if they are really into it.
The designs would usually have harder, more pronounced edges and lines. This makes kid paint-by-number artworks more forgiving than their adult counterparts.

Some adults also experience enjoyment out of kits for kids. These are people who want something easy that they can knock out in one sitting.

If you need more information, you can check out our post, Paint by Numbers for Kids: A Fun and Exciting Guide.

Van Gogh-inspired artworks are popular in the paint by numbers community.
They are highly sought after because they appeal to most people. His exaggerated portrayal of everyday objects can capture the imagination of even those who have no attachment to the arts.

Now even you can create a Van Gogh replica using paint by numbers.

The Starry Night painting uses few colors but is complex enough for anyone looking for a challenge. This would make a great present to friends and family who are into paintings.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

The nice thing about paint by numbers kits is that they can be personalized.
Did you know that you can upload a photo and have it printed on a paint by number canvas?

Custom kits by Paint by Numbers

There are services where you can have your photo printed and delivered straight to your door. You can paint your wedding photos, family portraits, pet pictures, and many more. These are great birthday gifts or going away presents.
Best of all, a custom kit will come with all the paint you’ll need to replicate the image you submitted.

Try the custom paint by number kit by Paint By Numbers.

Need more information on paint by numbers for adults?

Go read our article, Paint by Numbers for Adults: The Ultimate Guide.

Additional Tips for Buying Paint by Number Kits

Here are some of the things you should be on the lookout for when buying paint by number kits.

Start with a simple design — If you’re just looking to get your feet wet, a simple design would be more than enough. You don’t want to work on anything too complex especially if this is your first time.

Find vendors that offer free items — Most kits would include the essential items like the paint and canvas. Look for a seller that offers additional brushes and frames to get the most out of your purchase.

Look at customer reviews — Reviews are great indicators as to the quality of a product. So only go for sellers with excellent reviews. This will help you avoid buying substandard products.

We have more tips in our post, Where to Buy Paint by Numbers and How to Choose the Best One?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that beginners tend to ask.
How Can I Tell If My Paint by Numbers Kit Is Oil or Acrylic Paint?

When ordering online, the product page would usually indicate what type of oil is included in the set. If you’re buying in a physical store, you can ask someone from the shop for more information.
But if you’re in a situation where there’s no one to ask and the paints are not labeled, you can do a simple test. Using a spare canvas, apply the paint. After it dries, check the texture. If there’s a good amount of texture present, it’s likely oil-based. Acrylic paint dries smoother than an oil painting.

What Size of Paintbrush Do I Use When Painting a Paint by Numbers Kit?
A kit would include three brushes. Each has a purpose:
Small — Used for adding softness to your painting.
Medium — Used to add sharpness to the painting.
Big — Used to add bold features in a painting.

How Do I Get Wrinkles Out of a Canvas?

Lay your canvas on a flat surface and cover it with a thick towel. Set your iron to its low or mid setting then lightly iron it out.
How Do I Cover the Lines When Painting a Paint by Numbers Kit?
Acrylic paint can cover the lines and numbers with ease. But if you find that one coat isn’t enough, you can apply a second and third coat as needed.

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