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Are you feeling stressed and burnt out? Are you looking for ways to unwind at home? Then why don’t you give paint by numbers for adults a try?

Not only is it fun and easy, but it is also a stress-free activity that you can enjoy along with your family and friends.

If you’ve never tried it before, do not worry. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about paint by numbers. We’ll show you how simple it is to get started. You’ll be given a list of what you need to have and find useful tips so you have a great time while working on your project.

Are you excited?

Then let’s go ahead and get started.


What Is Paint by Numbers?

For most people, they were introduced to paint by numbers when they were kids. It can be described as a cross between a coloring book and a canvas painting.

Here’s how it works:

An image is split into different sections. Each section is assigned a number. And each number represents a color. The goal is to paint each area with the color assigned to it to reveal a painting.

Kid-friendly versions are more simplistic while the adult variety is way more intricate. Today’s products are much more challenging than you think.

You might be wondering: When was paint by numbers popular?

The first versions of paint by number kits were introduced in the 1950s. Dan Robbins, a commercial artist, is credited as the inventor.

Paint by numbers kits were originally designed to sell more paint. They were an instant hit. And to this day, the activity remains a popular pastime for adults and kids alike.


The Benefits of Painting by Numbers for Adults

We’ve already mentioned that paint by numbers could reduce stress. But what other wonders this activity could bring you?

Improves your mental faculties — Paint by numbers engages the mind which helps promote concentration. Continuous participation in the activity will make you more adept at problem-solving. It’s a fantastic way of staying sharp especially for those who are about to reach their golden years.

Teaches patience — Unlike most video games and other forms of entertainment we consume today, paint by numbers is an activity that you have to take your time to appreciate. You can’t rush through a painting. It forces you to sit and work at a steady pace. You can use paint by numbers to teach kids about patience. Or you could use it to remind yourself to take things slow.

Helps you meditate — Because it’s a tranquil activity, paint by numbers can help clear your head.


What’s in a Paint by Numbers Kit?

You can’t have a paint-by-numbers party without the right tools. Fortunately, most of what you’ll need are sold in kits. So you’ll need to have a kit if you want to start painting.

Complete Paint By Numbers Kits

A basic kit will include at least three items.

First, you have your acrylic-based paint. This usually comes as a set. All the colors you’ll need to finish the painting will be included.

Second, you’ll receive at least one paintbrush. Brushes can vary in thickness and tips. Finer brushes are used for precision work. Broader brushes can cover a lot more ground.

Third, you’ll receive the pre-printed canvas you’ll be working on. Your canvas should be high-quality to be usable. Ideally, you want the numbers to be clear which is often a struggle especially when they’re printed in smaller font sizes.


There are times when a kit can include other items like a frame or brush holders.


Where to Buy Paint by Numbers

There are arts and crafts stores that carry paint by numbers sets. The main problem is that the selections are often limited.

The best place to buy sets would be through online specialty stores like Paint by Numbers.

Tip: If you’re willing to pay for shipping, Paint by Numbers will throw in freebies like brushes and a 30 x 40 cm frame with every kit ordered.

A good site will not have a limited selection. It’s also a good idea to find an online shop that offers paintings with different subjects. You don’t want to be painting the same stuff over and over otherwise you risk getting bored.

Below are just some of the artwork that people are into these days.


Custom Paint By Numbers Kits - Upload Your Own Photo

Want to really bring a paint by numbers project to life? There is nothing better than taking one of your own meaningful photos and turning that magic into a custom paint by numbers project.

Custom Paint By Numbers Kit - Upload Your Own Photo

Love a certain sports team? Favorite family vacation photo?

Time will fly by when you create your own paint by numbers kit. And the memory will last a lifetime..

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The Beach Paint By Numbers Kit

Paint by Numbers Are you in the mood for something more serene?

Beach Times Paint By Numbers Kit

Do you wish you’re on vacation right now? Then this painting—aptly named The Beach—is just the project for you.

The picturesque sandy beach and the ripping waves are quite relaxing to look at. It would make a great painting to have in the house. Or you could hang it in the office to serve as your inspiration.

And those clear skies will bring anyone to their knees begging for a cold drink under the shade of that palm tree.

If you can’t make a trip to the beach, this painting is the next best thing.

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Face of Jesus Paint By Numbers

Of course, painting doesn’t have to be all about fun. It can also be used to express your faith.

Jesus Paint By Numbers Kit for Adults and Kids

Believers in Jesus Christ will adore this painting.

Jesus on the Cross reminds us of all the sacrifices he made for all of us. It depicts scenes from his birth all the way to his resurrection. This will be a big hit when displayed in a religious setting. It could also be a great addition to your church organization’s headquarters.

The vast colors could make this an exciting yet challenging task.

Buy It Now- Face of Jesus Paint by Numbers Kit


How to Paint by Numbers

We can’t emphasize enough how easy it is to paint by numbers. If kids can do it, then so can you. It all comes down to preparation. Once you have everything you need, you can knock down one painting after another quite handily.

How to Guide for Paint by Numbers Kits for Adults

Here’s what you need to do:

Find a spot with great lighting. You need to be able to see the canvas clearly.

Cover your work area with newspaper or any other protective material that works with paint.

Have a glass (or any type of container) that’s filled with water. You’ll be using this to clean your brush every now and then.

Start painting each area with the corresponding color. Make sure you’re applying enough paint to cover the number.

Let the painting dry when you’re done.

That’s it! You can frame the painting after it dries.


Additional Tips For Paint By Numbers Kits

It’s so tempting to start from left to right as you work on your painting. But that would be a rookie move. The best way to paint your canvas would be to go one color at a time.

That way, you won’t be cleaning your brush as often. Pick a color and fill in all the numbers before moving to a new color.

For more complex pieces, having a magnifying glass by your side would help. This also applies to people with poor eyesight.

You may also want to work with more than one type of brush. If you need to cover a big area, using a broader brush would make more sense.

Take extra care of the canvas. Wrinkles and folds can mess with the final product.

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